Saturday 2 March 2024

Shadows Round the World

Night Train

Poland   Night Train
Spain   Death of a Cyclist
Sweden   A Ship to India 
France   Rififi
Argentina   The Beast Must Die

Pale Flower

Japan   Pale Flower
Uk   Third Man
South Korea   The Housemaid (1960)
Canada   Crash (1996)
Denmark   Element of crime (1984)
Brazil  Porto Das Caixas

Second Track

Germany   The Second Track
Russia   The Killers (1956)
Italy   The Conformist
Belgium  Loft
Mexico   Bitter Stems
Singapore  A Land Imagined
Netherlands   Black Book (2006)

Black Book

Czechoslovakia   In the Shadow
China   Black Coal Thin Ice
Switzerland  Absolut
Austria   Adventure in Vienna
Romania  One Floor Below
Hong Kong   In the Mood for Love
Iceland  Jar City

In the Mood for Love

Norway   Insomnia
Australia   The Square
Greece   Red Lanterns
New Zealand  Blue Moon
Finland  All the Sins
Hungary   Budapest Noir

Budapest Noir

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