Thursday 30 September 2021

Enemies from Without

         There were no apartments. Each of the four floors had three bedrooms opening on to the public hall, and to the rear was a kitchen and a bath and a separate toilet to serve each floor. There were three tenants on each floor, their doors secured by hasps and staples to be padlocked when they were absent, bolts and chains and floor locks and angle bars to protect them from intruders when they were present. The doors were pitted and scarred either because of lost keys or attempted burglary, indicating a continuous warfare between the residents and enemies from without, rapists, robbers, homicidal husbands and lovers, or the landlord after his rent.

Blind Man with a Pistol
Chester Himes

Edward Burra

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Monday 27 September 2021

Big Lonely City #170

Benn Mitchell


Ernst Haas

Charles Phelps Cushing

Eric Schwab

Ernst Haas

Fred Lyon

Germaine Krull



Imre Kinzski

Louis Faurer


Charlotte Brooks

Alfred Stieglitz

Roger Schall



Berenice Abbott