Thursday 31 October 2019

El Crack Cero

El Crack Cero
Jose Luis Garci

A New Myth

           It's time to demythologize an era and build a new myth from the gutter to the stars. It's time to embrace bad men and the price they paid to secretly define their time.

James Ellroy

Joel Saget

Wednesday 30 October 2019

Big Lonely City #67

Jack Delano

Todd Webb

Vsevolod Tarasevich


Robert Beese

Clyde Hare

Bill Witt

Esther Bubley

 Paul Slantis

Samuel Gottschco



 Tore Johnson

Louis Stettner

 Jerome Liebling


H. Armstrong Roberts

Harold Feinstein

Bill Brandt

Werner Bischof

Farley Granger

They Live By Night


Edge of Doom

Side Street

 Strangers on a Train

Talk About You

I Want to Talk About You
John Coltrane

Tuesday 29 October 2019

Being Stupid

Life is hard but being stupid makes it harder.
George V. Higgins
Friends of Eddie Coyle

From Gods Eye #3


Third Man

 Bad Times at the El Royale

Mr Arkadin


The Man with the Golden Arm

The Godfather

Brief Encounter

Blade Runner

The Assasin

Cercle Rouge

 Deadline at Dawn

Taxi Driver

 The Servant


Postman Always Rings Twice


 Strangers on a Train

The Untouchables

Lady from Shanghai

North By Northwest

 The Trial

 Shadow of a Doubt

Cool Hand Luke

I Want to Live

Ministry of Fear

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