Tuesday 30 April 2013

Classic Fragments 15 - The Crystal Reading

                       The greatest Carny Noir ever made. Adapted from William Lindsay Gresham's equally superb novel.

Stranger in the House

                        There's a stranger in the house, nobody's seen his face
                        Everybody says he's takin my place
                        There's a stranger in the house no one will ever see
                        Everybody says he looks like me

Stranger in the House
(E. Costello)
George Jones

Monday 29 April 2013

A Town Called Malice #2

Armee Des Ombres

The Onion Field

Blast of Silence

Straight Time

The Informer


Last Detail

Killers Kiss

Young Ghosts

         Two privates appeared from nowhere, pale in their uniforms like young ghosts, trapped by reality. I got out and followed them across Main and into a magazine shop near the corner. The unlit neon sign of Tom's cafe was almost directly across the street. Beer on Tap, Steam Beer, Try our Spaghetti Special. The soldiers were inspecting a rack of comic books with the air of connoisseurs. They selected half a dozen each, paid for them and left. 'Milk Sops' the clerk said. He was a grey-headed man with smeared spectacles. 'They draft them in didees these days. Cradle to grave in one jump'.

Ross MacDonald
The Ivory Grin

Jack Delano

Sunday 28 April 2013

Beauty of the Shadows 3

Alexander Alland

Bruno & Eric Buehrer

Andreas Feininger

Ted Croner

Walker Evans

Chaloner Woods

Anton Stankowski

There's a Price

        If the feeling hits you, you go ahead and do it, and if there's a price for doing what you did, then you run from it with the swiftness of wings and hope it doesn't catch up with you. And if it does catch up with you, someday, as it usually does, then you lie your ass off and swear it wasn't you.

Nine Kinds of Pain
Leonard Fritz
New Pulp Press

Friends of Eddie Coyle

Charles Lawton Jr

Lady from Shanghai


3.10 to Yuma

Ride Lonesome

Hell is Empty

                               Hell is empty and all the devils are here.

William Shakespeare

Julien Alday

Friday 26 April 2013

Force of Noir

                                       'You're dying while you're breathing'.

Force of Evil
Abraham Polonsky

Now Watch Him Die

                                I get lost in the nights
                                I get lost in all the stories
                                They envelop me until i can't see or think
                                All the hot nights
                                The glittering eyes that don't sleep
                                The stories, the memories, the dreams...........
                                I'm standing around in this empty night
                                I'm waiting to get taken away
                                All the madness, all the rooftops
                                All the heat there ever was in a summer night
                                Roaring through my veins right now
Henry Rollins
excerpt from
See a Grown Man Cry, Now Watch Him Die

Thursday 25 April 2013

Forget Her

                     The cigarettes you light one after another won't help you forget her.

Frank Sinatra

(The Housemaid)1960
reblogged from Timewithintime

A Town Called Malice

Killer Inside Me


They Shoot Horses Don't They

Reservoir Dogs


Last Seduction

Hot Spot

Hell Drivers

Body Heat

Indian Runner


In the Valley of  Elah

Kill Me Again

Wednesday 24 April 2013

The Game,The Chips,The Cards

Round this part of town
this job, this life
it's always too
early in the morning
or too damn late at night

The Game, The Chips, The Cards
Steve Smart
Smarty's Apocalyptic Funfair