Sunday 30 June 2013

Hottest on Record

Body Heat

The Hunt

Wake in Fright

Deadline at Dawn


Treasure of Sierra Madre


12 Angry Men

Wages of Fear

Bad Day at Black Rock

Streetcar Named Desire

Talking to the Shadows

                                              'Coffee and cigarettes'

Saturday 29 June 2013

Soul of a Deadbeat

                If you're losing your soul and you know it then you've still got soul to lose.
                 If you want to know who your friends are, get yourself a jail sentence.

Charles Bukowski

Rain - Darkness

         I remember getting up and coming back to her, and of throwing a shoe at the light bulb later, when the whiskey was gone. I remember the smell of rain-darkness in the room and her telling me i'd cut my feet on the light-bulb glass on the floor. And how she said i was no better than a tramp myself ........

Elliott Chaze
Black Wings Has My Angel



Friday 28 June 2013

Classic Fragments 23 - What it Does to Men's Souls

                                    'I know what gold does to men's souls'

The Way Some People Die

Double Indemnity

The Conformist

Crime Wave

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

L.A Confidential

Phantom Lady


Touch of Evil

Strangers on a Train

Dead Calm

Shadow of a Doubt

Sexy Beast


One Chance in Hell

                                 They talk about you in the press
                                 They got you figured out i guess
                                 Though you never heard of the guy they mention
                                 Sometimes that girl she'll slip you a kiss
                                 But she's just another somnambulist
                                 And you're tired of sleepwalking
                                 The cat's out but he ain't talking

                                 You're just another joker
                                 With one chance in hell
                                 Of ever pullin' that trigger
                                 Of ever feelin' too well

Ride Along
John Hiatt

Esther Bubley

Like Forever

          When they fall in love with a city it is forever, and it is like forever. As though there never was a time when they didn't love it. The minute they arrive at the train station or get off the ferry and glimpse the wide streets and wasteful lamps lighting them, they know they are born for it. There, in the city, they are not so much new, as themselves, their stronger, riskier selves.

Toni Morrison

Arthur Siegel
State Street 1949
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Wednesday 26 June 2013