Sunday 24 November 2019

Taunt Those Awakened

         Trains have haunted the nights in West Table since 1883 and disrupt sleep and taunt those awakened. The trains beating past toward the fabled beyond, the sound of each wheel-thump singing, You're going nowhere, you're going nowhere, and these wheels are, they are, they are going far from where you lie listening in your smallness and where you will still lie small at dawn when they are gone from hearing ........

Daniel Woodrell
The Maid's Version

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O. Winston Link


You Know Less

                                Maybe all that happens is you get older and you know less.
Frank Sinatra

Ted Allen
Sinatra 1964

Shortcut to Hell #21


Lift to the Scaffold

 Who Killed Cock Robin ?

The Big Night

 The Yakuza

The Killers

 The Last Wave


The Thief

Deep Crimson

Raging Bull


Blast of Silence

Feux Rouges

Otto Hagel

Saturday 23 November 2019

This Nothing

The train of thought
my tickets of insight
a quiet of the sleepers
the tranquility of this nothing

Then the carriage breaks out
I sit inside a chaos, we commuters
right alongside a somewhat crazy
Absolute Disaster who is interested in his own opinion

I experience true peace
Not apart, nor together
Signals are red but each thing will change

At the Junctions of Epiphany
Les Wicks

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The Journal of Noircon

Dan Gozee


Mosaic Noir #110

Force of Evil


Double Indemnity

Angel Heart

Pale Flower


Lost Weekend


Ride the Pink Horse

Blood Simple

Lush Life

Lush Life
Sarah Vaughan