Wednesday 30 March 2011

More Music Noiresque

Almost Blue- Chet Baker
Like Someone in Love- John Coltrane
It was a Very Good Year- Sinatra
Round Midnight- Ella Fitzgerald
Don't Smoke in Bed- KD Lang
The Bridge- Sonny Rollins
Is That All There is- Peggy Lee

William H Macy

                                   This is an actor who appears to have been designed to fit the modern Noir movie in all it's many aspects.  Probably most recognised in it's darkly comic depths.




The Cooler

JG Ballard

          JG Ballard wrote two books in particular which have a very bleak experimental Neo Noir feel. 'Crash' was filmed by David Cronenberg which seems appropriate. And a screen version of 'Concrete Island' is about to be made featuring Christian Bale.

Tuesday 29 March 2011

Falling Angel - W Hjortsberg

   Good example of a writer who's never really followed up a great Noir debut
 with any high quality since. Also a very good screen version by British director Alan Parker.

Sunday 27 March 2011

Femme Fatale # 4

              Ice cool French femme Stephane Audran who starred as various characters (on several occasions named 'Helene') in Claude Chabrol Modern Noirs.

Touch of Evil 1958 - Last Classic Noir ?

                             Often described as the last movie made in the period of Classic Noir. Some might argue that 'Odds against Tommorow' made in 1959 should get that accolade but no-one can deny it's superb 'baroque' look and some legendary performances such as the Director Welles as corrupt sheriff Hank Quinlan and other cameo roles including Marlene Dietrich as local gypsy fortune teller.

Wednesday 2 March 2011

Underrated Modern Noirs

                                                          Unlawful Entry

After Hours

Shallow Grave

                                                         The Good Thief

Color of Money

                                                       New Centurions

Straight Time

                                                        Music of Chance

                                                         The Onion Field

Pride and Glory


Cop Land