Sunday, 17 October 2021

Mosaic Noir #173

Dial M for Murder


Angel Heart

Pale Flower

Le Samourai

Raging Bull

Mulholland Drive

Narrow Margin

Taxi Driver

Reservoir Dogs


They Shoot Horses Don't They ?

Strangers on a Train

Friday, 15 October 2021

Mikey and Nicky

           Mikey and Nicky finds Cassavetes' bookie Nicky hiding out in a fleabag motel. Convinced a hit has been put out on him, he calls on his lifelong best friend and fellow low-level mobster, Mikey (Falk) to help him flee town. The two embark on a classic long, dark night of the soul, in which their various personal resentments and betrayals, as well as their mutual and deep-seated self-loathing is borne to the surface. But for as heinous as they are often shown to be - especially in their treatment of women in a handful of disturbing scenes - our hearts can't help but break for them - especially Cassavetes' pitiable Nicky - when the final axe inevitably falls.

Zach Vasquez

Mikey and Nicky
Elaine May