Thursday 31 December 2015

Beauty of the Shadows

Johan Hagemeyer

Rene Burri

Jack Manning

Roy DeCarava

Jack Delano

Josef Koudelka

Lisette Model

Thomas Hoepker

Louis Faurer

The Waitress Murmured ......

          '' It's just that i'm curious that's all. He usually walks alone'' '' Yeah he's a loner all right'' the waitress murmured. ''Even when he's with someone he's alone''

David Goodis
Shoot the Piano Player

Benn Mitchell
New York 1950

Tarantino Noir

Tuesday 29 December 2015

World was Divided

         I used to think the world was divided into good people and bad people, that you could pin responsibility for evil on certain definite people and punish the guilty. I'm still going through the motions.

Ross MacDonald
The Moving Target

Meaning of the Blues ..... 3

Odd Man Out

Millers Crossing

Night and the City

Touch of Evil

In the Mood for Love

Night of the Hunter

The Lives of Others

Ashes and Diamonds

Le Samourai

Street with No Name

Monday 28 December 2015

For So Long

He can only hold her for so long
The lights are on but no one's home
She's so vacant, her soul is taken
He thinks ''what's she running from ?''

He Can Only Hold Her
Amy Winehouse

Asphalt Jungle

When You Stayed Out

             The place smelled of fairgrounds, of lazy crowds, of nights when you stayed out because you couldn't go to bed, and it smelled like New York, of it's calm and brutal indifference.

Georges Simenon
Three Bedrooms in Manhattan

Sunday 27 December 2015

I am Lost

                                       I am free and that is why i am lost.
Franz Kafka

Herbert Tobias
Frankfurt 1953

Parable of Guilt

              ..... this is just a conspiracy of sinners, a scam cooked up by all the crooked associates who've profited by Lime's wicked trade in stolen penicillin.
              ..... Calloway needs Martins as bait to tempt his old friend out into the open. Martins feels tainted - but through having betrayed Judas Iscariot, rather than Jesus.

Peter Bradshaw
Review of Third Man
The Guardian
June 2015

Third Man 1949

Saturday 26 December 2015

Dark Presses Tight

          Dark presses tight the steaming asphalt city, crushes the fretwork of windows and lettered signs and chimneys and watertanks and ventilators and fire-escapes and moldings and patterns and corrugations and eyes and hands and neckties into blue chunks, into black enormous blocks.

Manhattan Transfer
John Dos Passos

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Dial M for Murder

Le Deuxieme Souffle

LA Confidential


The Man Who Wasn't There

Assault on Precinct 13

A Man Escaped

Body Heat

Murder My Sweet


End of the Affair (1955)

Shutter Island

Raging Bull