Sunday 25 February 2024

Dark Femmes #2

Myra Hudson Blaine - Sudden Fear

Fay Anderson - After Dark My Sweet

Marianna - Naked Alibi

Susan Morrow - Nocturnal Animals

Sally - A Ship to India

Mona Demarkov - Romeo is Bleeding

Maria Jose De Castro - Death of a Cyclist

Ruth Ellis - Dance with a Stranger

Sheila Bennet - Killer That Stalked New York

Fantasia/Lila Walker - One False Move

Martha Beck - Honeymoon Killers

Patti - Delusion (1991)

1 comment:

  1. Another great roster. Two movies stick out here. I watched Dance With A Stranger last night on Tubi. Depressing to say the least. Captures the mores of post war England's class structure and how human emotions and desires can cut through it like a hot knife mutilating tender flesh. Death Of A Cyclist is a similar offering with upper strata Spain as the backdrop. Both worth watching. You won't forget either.