Friday 4 November 2022

Shadows by the Jukebox

Fallen Angel

Blood Simple



Out of the Past

Mystic River

Asphalt Jungle


Touch of Evil

Black Gravel

Lone Star

Lady from Shanghai


Hell Drivers

Albino Alligator

99 River Street

The Wild One


  1. Add Cry Danger to the list. I watched it last night. Has all the noir elements. Dick Powell gets out of prison and meets up with a friend in a diner. The friend casually walks by a jukebox in a beat up diner and drops a dime in as they sit and have a drink in a booth. In your above cited films, the jukebox is more of an accoutrement and not the main focus of the scene. Sam Jaffe's fixation with the young girl is one of most melancholy scenes in noirdom. He knows he is going back to the slammer for life and is having his one last ounce of carnal pleasure before they throw away the key.

  2. Good suggestion .... Just need to get an image

  3. Got a new one from a classic. Dark Passage with Bogart and Bacall. Near the end, Bogie is waiting for a bus and on his way to Peru one step ahead of the cops and he drops a dime into the jukebox to entertain a bored married couple and their two children.

  4. I'll need to check for an image - Sounds a good choice