Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Closed Himself

         Every day he closed himself more in himself, stayed in Cissy's room, and drank a lot of whiskey, flirting with shooting himself to death. Finally he stayed at a nice simple hotel, the Waldorf, and continued drinking. As romantic as Marlowe writes a poem, Requiem

There is a moment after death, when the face is beautiful
When tired eyes close, and the pain ends
And the long, long innocence of love gently appears
To flutter one more moment in the silence


         While in New York the cold, rain and humidity give him a cold that forces him to return to California. It is made worse by drinking excessively and not taking care of yourself. He gets pneumonia and is transferred to the Scripps clinic, where he dies at 3.50 in the afternoon on March 26 1959. He writes the first chapters of what was to be Phillip Marlowe's last novel, The Poodle Springs Story.

excerpts from
Long Goodbye to Raymond Chandler
Luis Garcia Mora

Lucas Garcia


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