Thursday, 16 April 2020

Underrated Lost Classics #7

Dick Contino's Blues  James Ellroy
Long White Con  Iceberg Slim
The Big Blowdown  George Pelecanos
I Was Dora Suarez  Derek Raymond
Chump Change  Dan Fante
Green River Rising  Tim Willocks

This Bloody Mary is the Last Thing I Own  Jonathan Rendall
But Beautiful  Geoff Dyer
The Name of the Game is Death  Dan J. Marlowe
The Thief  Fuminori Nakamura
Long Cold Fall  Sam Reeves

A Drop of the Hard Stuff  Lawrence Block
The Narrowback  Michael S Ledwidge
You Can't Win  Jack Black
March Violets  Phillip Kerr
The Big Enchilada  L.A Morse
Cincinnati Kid  Richard Jessup

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