Monday, 17 December 2018

Me and She

    There's always a warning, if you listen to it. It buzzes when you're playing cards with strangers and get an almost perfect hand.

Charles Williams
Nothing in Her Way
 Take out all but one bullet and it was Russian Roulette. 
In Mexican Roulette, as he'd heard it defined, you took out only one.
In drunk Mexican Roulette you didn't take out any.

James Carlos Blake
    When you are gambling, though you probably do not know it, you mind is on the tide, the ebb and flow of the universe, so there is no point in struggling against it, but it will tell you how you sit with God, or the universe, at that particular time in your life.

Robert Black
Blackjack, Me and She
    Yes, i can understand that a man might go gambling, when he sees that all that lies between himself and death is his last crown.

Honore Balzac

House of Games

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