Thursday, 26 January 2017

Chester Himes

             He had a broad flat face, rough reddish skin and little reddish eyes from which tears leaked continuously. He was called Red Johhny. He might have been related to Pinky.
              He wore a white silk shirt open at the throat, gren-and-red checked suspenders, tan gabardine pants, white and tan wing-tipped shoes, and the usual heavy gold jewellery denoting a successful pimp; gold ring with a huge milky stone of unknown origin, gold ring with three-quarter-carat yellow diamond, and a gold lodge ring with the outline of an owl with two ruby eyes.
            He crossed glances with Red Marie, standing to the left and behind Coffin Ed, then he spread his thick fingered hands and looked at the gun bulge on Coffin Ed's shoulder.

Chester Himes
The Heat's On

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