Thursday, 14 November 2019

Post Noir 1960-70

    Sometimes described as the period after Classic Noir and prior to Neo Noir and a decade of transition, containing notable greats such as Blast of Silence and Point Blank. A period often overlooked and greatly underrated.

Blast of Silence
Le Boucher
Le Doulos
Classe Tous Risques
This Man Must Die

In Cold Blood
Cape Fear
Underworld USA
The Hustler
The Killers (1964)
The Intruder

Deuxieme Souffle

Plein Soleil

Pale Flower

The Detective

Knife in the Water
The Unfaithful Wife
Cul de Sac
The Servant
Manchurian Candidate
The Accident


Shock Corridor

The Money Trap

Requiem for a Heavyweight

The Honeymoon Killers

Point Blank

The Incident

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