Saturday, 8 June 2013

Ghost of the Detective 2

Murder My Sweet

Devil in a Blue Dress

House of Bamboo

True Confessions

Tony Rome

Crimson Kimono

         'I made a pass at the check, but not serious enough to fool him ; he was the visitor in from the desert, after all i get along good - the pension from the department, the social security, some savings - and i could handle lunch in a chinese restaurant ..........'

True Confessions
John Gregory Dunne

Shutter Island

Violent Cop

Un Flic

Valley of Elah

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  1. Great collection of images! You might like to have a look at this blog:

    www.ShadowLaughter.blogspot.com and/or


    It is a contemporary art-photo project, using the visual language of film noir. It might appeal to you.