Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Lady who Shot Lee Morgan

              Jazz trumpeter Lee Morgan was murdered in the early hours of  February 19th 1972 at Slugs, a jazz club in New York's East Village where his band was performing. Following an altercation between sets Morgan's 46 year old common-law wife Helen More shot him in the chest onstage, killing him within moments. He was 33 years old.  Morgan had just started to get back up onstage to begin the last set when More re-entered the club, having left unnannounced earlier, and called out his name. He turned round and she shot him in the heart. Doorman Lee Holman immediately grabbed her by the wrists and wrestled the gun away from her. She then started to scream 'Baby, what have i done ?' and ran toward the stage.

An interview with Helen More years later
 by Larry Reni Thomas is on


  1. Larry Reni Thomas12/18/2011 5:01 am

    I like this layout, even, though people still insist on falsely calling her "Helen More." During recent interviews, both of her sons told me they had no idea where that name came from. Somebody made it up. Maybe the NYC police. Incidentally, all of the police files about this event are missing. Disappeared.

    Larry Reni Thomas 12/18/11

  2. does anyone know when Helen Morgan was born?